About elevated thinking site


Welcome to elevated thinking site and my first post.  I am 35 and from the UK, my current career is managing people in the retail sector.  I am very successful in my career and specialise in leading and motivating teams of people to achieve peak performance.

Elevated thinking or motivation, inspirational leadership or however you wish to label it is something I am very passionate about.

So I thought I would see what blogging is all about and hopefully meet and get to share ideas with like minded people and who knows maybe I will be able to help and guide some people along the way.

well it’s late, it’s 00.45 to be precise so I think I will leave my first blog here and look forward to sharing some more very soon, I have lots of topics I would like to write about so let’s see where the future will take us.

thanks for reading you can follow me on Twitter @elevatedthink

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