Have a compelling reason why

If you want to achieve any kind of success in your life then you must have a compelling reason WHY.  Yesterday I wrote about having a vision and how this was the foundation point for any success, however a vision without a reason is just a wish and a dream.

Why is it sometimes we achieve so much in certain areas of our lives and in other places we achieve so little?  It all comes back to having a compelling reason why.

So how do you find that reason why, sometimes its easy the reason takes care of itself and you are highly motivated to get things done and generally this comes down to passion.  If you are doing something you love and enjoy then the passion will give you the desire you need to get things done, this is why it is so important you do something you love and enjoy for work, but we will save that for another day.

So how can we turn the mundane in to something that ignites that passion inside us to complete the boring tasks to the best of our ability?  The key is to link these tasks to something that we have a deep passion for, for example you have a beautiful child who you love and adore and you have to go out and do the food shop think for a moment the delight on their face when you are able to serve them their favourite meal and they hug you to tell you your the best.

With just a moments thought and a different perception everything we do can be linked to something that can ignite that passion in our hearts and the fire in our belly.

Please feel free to comment and if there is any aspect of your own like I can help you with please let me know and I will cover it as soon as I can.

Have a great day and elevate your thinking

2 thoughts on “Have a compelling reason why

  1. kristinjrose

    Inspiring! I love the idea of linking mundane tasks to something that we have a natural passion for. Thank you for sharing this.


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