Do something you have passion for everyday to be successful

Have you ever wondered why some people in life have all the success, money and a great life style you can only dream of.  Only 3% of people in the world become truly successful and have the best houses, cars, toys and lifestyle.  What connects these 3% of people is that they do something they really have a passion for and that they really love and enjoy for a living.  This is the key to making life easy and effortless, when we get up in the morning to start our day, knowing we are off to do something we love is a motivation in itself, it is a driver and guess what it never feels like work.  How many people can actually say they do something they really love and enjoy for a living, that every day on their way to work they are so excited to see what the day has to offer, they have a burning desire to see how awesome they can be today.  

The sad reality is that most people do something they loathe for a living, the industry they are in has no relevance to their lives, the work they do sucks and they just count down the hours until it’s home time.  We spend more of our day awake at work than anywhere else, if we are continually miserable, how can we be in a positive state.  Do something you love and enjoy and the impact on the rest of your life will be massive, you will eat better, you will stay in better shape, the quality of your relationships will be better.

Have a think what industry are you passionate about?  What would you love to do?  How can you get there?

We all have to bills to pay, unless you are very privileged you can not just walk away and start a fresh.  What could you do on the side, how could you influence what you already do in a positive way.  Stop just going there and start really being there.