Dealing with FEAR and ANXIETY 

Firstly I would just like to state that I am neither a doctor or a counsellor, however what I am is a coach and someone who has previously been where you are right now if you are reading this.

Fear and anxiety is the menace that creeps up on you slowly and then bang it smacks you in face.  It’s so hard to describe, impossible to see yet can be so devastating it can ruin your life and turn it in to nothing but an existence.

Our mind is the most wonderful and beautiful thing with have but at the same time the most unpleasant and dark object we can come to bare.

I remember those days just wanting to go out and have fun, spend time with friends and family but unable to leave the house because I was so crippled with fear that something awful was going to happen.  I was going to be the focus of every bodies attention and it was just can to be an awful experience, every possible scenario played out in my head about the immediate future and all of them awful.  After this I then had the internal battle from the rational side of my head saying “you are letting yourself down, your family down, what is wrong with you” I can still remember those internal battles that turned the most simple and fun situations in life in to nightmare.

What I would like to share is how I changed and what I did to rid myself of this silent assassin.  I am very conscious of how people feel while they are suffering as I to have been there but the reality of what happened was a very simple shift in mind set and belief but it does take work.

When you start to look and analysis the things that are causing you fear and anxiety in your life, I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of them have not happened yet.  That’s right just think about that for a moment everything you fear all those terrible things that are going to happen to you, have not actually happened. The other 1% you are worried and stressed about guess what they have happened and you can not do a thing to change them.

Uncertainty and in-action breeds fear and anxiety, certaintity and action breeds confidence.

The work you need to do is train your brain to live in the moment this very minute the here and now.  Unless you are in a particularly dangerous or life threatening environment the moment is not scary it has no fear it has no reason to be anxious.  There is no potential disastrous consequence because you do not live in potential, you live in the now the sofa you are sitting on, the street you are walking down, you are fine in this very moment and that is where you must stay! 

Please feel free to leave any comments and if there are any areas of your life you would like me to comment on or support you through just ask. Stay elevated to 

4 thoughts on “Dealing with FEAR and ANXIETY 

  1. Fear and anxiety can be very overwhelming. I work with a lot of sick people, and things can get out of hand really fast. I agree with you that by being in the moment, even I can accomplish difficult tasks. For example, by focusing on my breath, it’s easier for me to remember what I was taught and what I trained for during medical school in code situations. Great post!

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