You only have to be, who you are!

A really important lesson to us all right now, when looking to gain peace in our lives and ultimately go on to be successful, ALWAYS BE WHO YOU ARE!

With society as it is right now we are always under constant pressure to confirm and to settle and live our lives in accordance to the way other people think it should be lived.  This is the biggest single mistake as a human being we can make, to have any success in our lives be it professional or personal the first thing we must do is embrace and master who we are first.  We can never change who we are however we can become the very best version of ourselves.

Inside us all is a set of morales and values to which we must live by and must be our truth, when you get that little niggle in your gut that is telling you the action you are about to take is steering you away from this path, you must listen to your gut and stop.

The magical thing about this is the more you become engaged in who you are and do things for you, the more your confidence grows, the more you are likely to stay in great shape and eat well and the stronger all round individual you will become.

The great thing about the world is that like attracts like, so the more you are focused on yourself and doing things for you then you will start to realise that the people and circumstances that you have always wanted in your life will start to appear.

By living a life that is set out and controlled by others you will find every relationship you are involved in will start to feel false and ultimately cause you some unhappiness.

Image: therevelationproject 

8 thoughts on “You only have to be, who you are!

  1. Such a beautiful and motivational message. It’s easy to try and please other people in this life but then what becomes of us? We have to be our true selves and accept our flaws just as much as our successes. It’s not easy but oh so worth it!

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  2. What a great message in this post! I find the older I get the less I feel the need to please others and conform to what they think I should look like and act like. I think it is natural when one is younger to want to be accepted but at my age (54) my motto is ” take me as I am or leave me the Heck alone”. =)

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