You have to take action!

To become successful in any part of your life you have to TAKE ACTION.  Sounds obvious I guess, bit of a silly statement.  The reality is most people do not, the majority of people you meet in your life will be either doing a job they hate, in a relationship that makes them miserable, be unhappy with their body and their diet, they will not have as much money as they want and just generally be miserable or at best they will be ok. Why? Because they do not TAKE ACTION.

They have all the best will in the world, they have every plan about what they will do tomorrow but today “my favourite programme is on the TV so I just do not have time right now!” You will encounter these people every single day and some of them have the best ideas you will ever hear but they just do not TAKE ACTION.

The key is you have to keep moving forward at all times all you need to do is just try and get a little better each day, every little achievement no matter how small should be celebrated because that is TAKING ACTION.  So you are 50lbs over the weight you want to be and tomorrow you have three healthy meals, by the end of the week you have only had 1 cheat day and you have been to the gym once in that week that’s awesome you are TAKING ACTION.  You wake up in the morning and you decide I do not want to do this job anymore, I am sick of it I need to do something I love and enjoy and instead of wasting your evening watching the TV, you google how to write the best CV or resume and you looked at a couple of vacancies on line, you haven’t got a new job yet but you TOOK ACTION.

It’s a very old saying that Rome wasnt built in a day and you know what it wasn’t, you maybe 5, 10 or even 20 years away from living out your dreams and realising your full potential but as long as you are a little bit closer today than you were yesterday then you’re TAKING ACTION and you’re beginning to walk the path of success, it’s a marathon not a sprint.


19 thoughts on “You have to take action!

  1. Thanks for sharing this post elevatedthinkingsite,

    I feel the most profound concept you have identified is “to become successful in any part of your life you have to TAKE ACTION.”

    Recently, I have been taking more action however I am guilty of picking and neglecting some facets of life. For example, acting more on business rather than spending time with family which is sometimes a little stressful.

    On the contrary, I do intend to keep moving forward in taking focused and logical action and I agree with you, we must celebrate the little achievements and take life one step at a time.


    1. Delles thank you very much for taking the time to comment. What I have picked up from your statement is that you are too hard on yourself and you are making your self fell guilty. It is fantastic to hear that you are focused on taking action and getting on well in your work. I am sure you are doing this because you want to succeed to be able to take care of your family so that again is a positive that should be celebrated. A word of caution though a work home life balance is very important and something we can all get out of sync, the main issue is not the time you spend at work and the effort you put in, it is about how you make your family feel when you are at home. When you work long hours it is hard and you are tired but you can not just come home turn on the telly and veg out, you must go straight to your partner and children and ask them how their day was and really listen and understand and make everything about them just let them talk and you must LISTEN. Your work is for you leave it there when you are at home it has to be all about them, even if you cook them a meal to a walk as a family it’s just about making them feel special. If I can help any further please let me know. Stay elevated

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      1. Keep an eye on my blog because in relation to your post, I am going to write a blog on work/ home life balance as my next one. I should have it finished in a day or so. Just remember it really isn’t about the time you split between the two because work will always take more of your waking hours it’s about how you show up when you are at home. Stay elevated


      1. mochasunshine27

        If possible could you cover the benefits of olive oil. I love olive oil it’s a healer and has many health benefits. 😊


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      1. Thats such a sweet offer! I feel like my biggest struggle as an aspiring coach is really just insecurity. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? How do you deal with that ?


      2. I am also an aspiring coach and I am currently doing this either hope of being able to go in that direction. I have felt like that many times I must say not so much recently but I have been through some very dark times and that is why I write so other can learn from the mistakes I have made before they make them. I am in the middle of my next post that somebody requested and then I will Cover this area next should be early to mid next week, look out it and let me know what you think. The feelings you have are totally natural and we are programmed to operate this way it’s just about altering the perception. Don’t think about what you feel you can’t do think of the great things you can and have done and anything you are yet to achieve, don’t think in terms of I can’t think wouldn’t it be great if I could do that and then work out a plan of how tog there. Stay subscribed and of course elevated and I will have posted very soon


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