I Feel Like I’m not good enough!


I am writing this post in response to a comment received by a subscriber who has asked me to cover this topic.  I do not have any back story for this person so I am not completely  sure in what area of their life they feel like this or indeed why but I will cover this post as general topic and hopefully they and you will find it helpful.

Firstly to feel like you are not good enough in some ways is fantastic because it doesn’t matter how old are you or how good you are at something, you can always get better to feel not good enough is the trigger you need to get better and to start learning.  If the reason you feel you are not good enough is because you are trying to live to the ideal of someone else’s life or there vision for you, then that is a problem.  As I have written about in a previous post you only have to be who you are.

My very first blog was about having a reason why and to feel not good enough in some aspects is the perfect reason why, its never about where you are now it is all about where you are going to be.  In simple it is about thinking where you would like to be and building a plan on how you are going to get there, what do you need to learn, what steps do you need to take, what changes do you need to make. Then it is all about taking the necessary action to get there.

Another negative of not feeling good enough is because you are not living in the moment and you are focusing to far ahead on where you want to be.  You have to have a vision and a goal and then its about breaking it down in to small manageable steps so you can focus on living in the moment and just trying to get a little bit better each day, if you know more about something or you are better at something today than you were yesterday then guess what you are succeeding and developing and this should be celebrated you are doing a great job, remember its not about where you are now it is all about where you are going to be.

There is a well known statement that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, I couldn’t disagree more that doesn’t mean you have to have a full blown conversation with yourself on the bus but you should be having lots of internal self talk sessions all the time. The biggest help in not feeling good enough is just about changing the language we use when we do talk to ourselves.  How does this sound in your head, “I can’t do that I’m rubbish at it” doesn’t make you feel great does it, try to substitute that self talk for “I really wish I knew how to do that, I am going to find out how to do it” the same self talk delivered in two totally different ways, if you do this often enough your brain will be re-programmed to think positively and you will start feeling that actually right now you are the best you can be and once you have executed your plan you will be unstoppable.

If you would like me to cover anything for you, please subscribe and write in the comments section and hopefully I can help you too.  Stay Elevated!

3 thoughts on “I Feel Like I’m not good enough!

  1. Great advice! I agree that it’s very important to have a growth mindset when we face challenges in our lives. It’s true when they say that our biggest obstacle is ourselves. I would even argue that our only obstacle is ourselves


  2. Hello, my advice to all of those feeling like they aren’t good enough would be to focus on what the know they are good at and those things you feel afraid of doing because the lack of expertise, for example, just go ahead and try, is very likely that you will get better at it along the way!


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