The butterfly wasn’t always beautiful 

Its been a while since I posted.  As I have been away developing my own skill set and growing and changing in to who I am today.  This seemed an appropriate way to come back.

The butterfly a creature that is often admired for its beauty but rarely does anybody think about the massive changes this creature has made in a relatively short space of time to become this beautiful.

The butterfly should give every body hope that no matter how you are feeling now and whatever stage of your life you are in, there will always be time to develop and become beautiful.  There have been people that have seen you in the past and like a chrsyalis in a pile of leaves, you went unnoticed you were unable to stand out from the ground, with a little time and hard work you can evelove in to a beautiful butterfly.

Whatever stage of your life are in and how ever far you have already come there is always time to continue to grow and show your true colours.  The same can be said others and the people you have met throughout your life, people change and everyone should be given an opportunity to see how they have evolved, you could have met someone previously when they were a mere chrsyalis and now they have grown and evolved in to a beautiful butterfly.

Who are today is not the finished the article and even the most hardened of chrsyalis will get the opportunity to work and grow in to the most beautiful of butterflies.

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