Health, fitness and the mind

Hi all, thank you to all those who have visited me and commented so far I hope you find this post of some use too.

It seems right now in the UK it’s become particularly fashionable to improve our physical fitness and health which is fantastic, there are people all over the place eating clean, meal prepping, supplementing and going to the gym the industry is booming.  I for one have lost 2 1/2 stone about 35lbs and I am in the best shape of my life I will do better but for now I have done a great job in just 18 months.

What I really want to focus on today is how I got in shape, how I can help those who Yo-Yo diet and those who joined the gym as a new years resolution and have already quit, and provide you with the information I feel is lacking from the fitness industry right now.

Did I lose 35lbs by lifting weights, spending hours on cardio and shovelling down protein like there is no tomorrow well partly yes. However what I really commited too was increasing my mental fitness for every hour I spend in the gym I match with an hours training of my mind, growing and expanding my knowledge, motivation and passion for life that far out strips the rate of growth of my muscles.

To me that is what fitness is all about, changing our life’s story ( to be covered soon) learning to life in the moment, feel awesome about who we are and what we have to offer only then can we even think about becoming fit and healthy.

As ever please feel free to comment and refer all feedback is welcomed.  I hope you have a great day and stay elevated.


Have a compelling reason why

If you want to achieve any kind of success in your life then you must have a compelling reason WHY.  Yesterday I wrote about having a vision and how this was the foundation point for any success, however a vision without a reason is just a wish and a dream.

Why is it sometimes we achieve so much in certain areas of our lives and in other places we achieve so little?  It all comes back to having a compelling reason why.

So how do you find that reason why, sometimes its easy the reason takes care of itself and you are highly motivated to get things done and generally this comes down to passion.  If you are doing something you love and enjoy then the passion will give you the desire you need to get things done, this is why it is so important you do something you love and enjoy for work, but we will save that for another day.

So how can we turn the mundane in to something that ignites that passion inside us to complete the boring tasks to the best of our ability?  The key is to link these tasks to something that we have a deep passion for, for example you have a beautiful child who you love and adore and you have to go out and do the food shop think for a moment the delight on their face when you are able to serve them their favourite meal and they hug you to tell you your the best.

With just a moments thought and a different perception everything we do can be linked to something that can ignite that passion in our hearts and the fire in our belly.

Please feel free to comment and if there is any aspect of your own like I can help you with please let me know and I will cover it as soon as I can.

Have a great day and elevate your thinking

Everything starts with a vision

Everything we do in life starts with a vision.  As Dr Stephen covey said “start with the end in mind” but what does this really mean?

To achieve anything and become successful we first need to visualise how this will look and feel when we get there.  We spend our days getting lost in thoughts and day dreams about how we would like things to be but rarely do we ever fulfil these thoughts and dreams.

This is all because of our limiting belief system and the stories we tell ourselves, there is so much we can do to unlock the power of our minds.

Today I just want to focus on the vision, what would you like to achieve today, tomorrow, next week or in five years.  Where would you like to be, what would you like to be doing, what absolutely needs to be done and what would be the icing on the cake?  What will stop you acieving the things you want to achieve?

just take a moment and think what would it be like, how would it feel?  Write it down or put it in your phone, it does not matter what area of your life you want to improve it had to start with a vision and it has to start now!

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts and together we will evaluate your thinking.


About elevated thinking site


Welcome to elevated thinking site and my first post.  I am 35 and from the UK, my current career is managing people in the retail sector.  I am very successful in my career and specialise in leading and motivating teams of people to achieve peak performance.

Elevated thinking or motivation, inspirational leadership or however you wish to label it is something I am very passionate about.

So I thought I would see what blogging is all about and hopefully meet and get to share ideas with like minded people and who knows maybe I will be able to help and guide some people along the way.

well it’s late, it’s 00.45 to be precise so I think I will leave my first blog here and look forward to sharing some more very soon, I have lots of topics I would like to write about so let’s see where the future will take us.

thanks for reading you can follow me on Twitter @elevatedthink